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Architectural BIM Services

Experienced team of architects and draughtsman

Many of our customers outsource CAD drafting services repeatedly considering our quality, accuracy, and speed of the services. We are a global CAD drafting services provider company serving multiple sectors. Our CAD design detailing and drafting services are ISO certified. Having extensive experience, we have provided our services to more than 500 happy customers in the world. We are a drafting company based in India and provide a wide range of architectural drafting and detailing services to our clients throughout the project life cycle, starting from planning, designing, building, maintenance, and expansion.

Architectural Drawing Services

Architectural CAD Drafting services are among the key services we provide to our clients, globally. We provide CAD drafting services in the USA, UK, Europe, Australia, GCC, and India. We have an in-house team of architects and detailers who are experts in developing detailed and accurate Architectural Design documentation. ASC a CAD drafting company in India has provided architectural CAD design and drafting services to construction companies and Architectural firms across the world for projects such as residential, commercial, mixed-use, retail, school, hospital, stadium, etc. In the past several years, we have worked as a trusted outsourcing partner for architectural drafting services to architects and designers from more than 12 countries in the world.

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Construction Document set (CD Set)

We are highly capable of providing all dimensions of the plan, doors, walls, windows, and room layout, exterior elevations, fully annotated floor plans, sections view, shop drawings, and as-built drawings in the Construction Document (CD) sets.

Conceptual Plan, Schematic Design, and Design Development

Our Architectural Drafting Services is not limited to the design stage only, we offer 2D CAD drawings in Revit & AutoCAD throughout the project lifecycle from the conceptual plan, schematic design, design development to construction-ready CD set preparation

Elevation, Floor Plan, Roof Plan, and Site Plan

We create design drawings with elevation, general plan layout (floor plan, roof plan, site plan) sections, openings, and finishes, and 3D graphical isometric, axonometric, and perspective views.

Redline Markup Drawings and PDF to CAD conversion

Over the years we prepared accurate redline mark-up drawings and converted PDFs to CAD files by precisely detailing and drafting changes according to the redline markups in the Architectural drawing, old scanned PDFs, and hand-sketched drawings.

Architectural Mill-work Drawings

ASC’s millwork specialists thoroughly study Architectural plans to generate precise millwork drawings that enable flawless communication among architects, furniture designers, manufacturers, and contractors.

Stormwater Drainage, Sewerage & Sanitation Drawings

The professional CAD drafters of ASC generate precise CAD drawings of stormwater drainage, sewerage, and sanitation drawings by minutely studying the project specifications, conceptual design, and following industry standards.

Advantages of our Architectural CAD Drafting Services

  • The expert CAD drafting of ASC uses the latest and advanced toolsets for 2D drafting, detailing, and 3D CAD drawing
  • Our experienced drafters and detailers add required annotations such as text, dimension, and table for better comprehension and are well-versed in converting hand-drawn sketches to a digitalized format
  • Multi-diverse expertise in multiple types of projects allows us to provide detailed 2D CAD drafting and 3D drawing services for a single room project to a large complex infrastructure project, seamlessly.
  • Successfully delivered several drafting jobs to architects, designers, realtors, developers, building owners, contractors, engineers, home builders, and building managers since 2014.

Sample Architectural Drawings

We believe in excellence and pay high attention to the quality of the deliverables

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Construction Document Set

We have the capability to prepare the construction documents in both the IMPERIAL & METRIC units. We have worked with numerous architects helping them prepare the construction document set such as floor plan, sectional drawings, elevation, roof plan, site plan, etc.
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Design Development Set

Our team of architects is well versed with IMPERIAL and METRIC units along with country-specific drawing standards. They work in complete sync with our clients to ensure the design development drawings are prepared well for renovation or new projects from various inputs.
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Cross Sectional View

As a part of design development or construction documents, we prepare the detailed section view as per the drawings standard provided by clients. We work with some of the large architectural firms and assist them with drawings with any level of complexity and project from any sector.
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Doors & Windows Schedule

As a part of our construction package, we prepare the doors, windows, and other elements scheduled with exact shapes and sizes to facilitate the accurate bill of material and smooth execution on site.
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Architectural Floor Plan

While working with interior architects, often we get the projects to prepare detailed construction documents with furniture and fixtures. We have the capability to prepare such drawings in METRIC and IMPERIAL units.
Architectural Drafting Services

Component Detailing

We have been working with clients on various projects such as residential, commercial, high rise, hospitality, healthcare, etc. We prepare detailed drawings of walls, facades, stairs, windows, etc.


The use of manual drawing and drafting has become almost irrelevant, especially in the post-covid situation. Now, most architectural firms and architects rely on software-based digital architectural drawings due to their enormous benefits such as time-saving, quality assurance, better representation of ideas and functionalities, reduced paper waste, etc.

Architectural drawings are used by architects and other project participants for a variety of reasons which includes developing a design concept into a convincing proposal, communicating ideas and concepts, persuading clients that a design is worthwhile, helping a building contractor build it in accordance with the design intent, serving as a record of the design and planned development, or creating a record of an existing structure.

Being an architectural drawing and drafting services provider to the USA, UK, Australia, Middle-east, Europe, India, etc. we are highly capable of providing critical architectural drawing services to the AEC industry. The major architectural drawings we prepare and benefit the building construction industry include floor plans, site plans, cross-section drawings, Landscape drawings, elevation drawings, etc.

Depending on the stage of the project we provide the below-mentioned exceptional architectural services to the architectural firms, architects, engineers, or construction firms.

  • Schematic Design
  • Design Development
  • 3D Modeling and Rendering
  • Construction Document

There are six types of Architectural Drawings that our professional and experienced architects prepare. These drawings are:

  • Site Plan
  • Floor Plan
  • Elevation Drawing
  • Cross Section
  • Isometric and Axonometric Projections
  • Detail Drawings

The collection of drawings containing the construction details, material properties, and building techniques of a building project is known as detail design (DD) in Architecture. It aims to cover all aspects of the construction project until delivery. Detail design is a crucial component of the architectural study.

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