BIM Staffing Solutions

Hire dedicated BIM technician of your choice for the duration of your choice. No commitment required
Meeting of Employees

Working During Your Office Hours

We understand how important is to be connected while executing BIM projects and meeting the deadline hence our team works with you during your business hours.

Always Connected

Our team is live on software like Microsoft Teams during working hours so that they are just a message away. Call any time, share the screen, and discuss the project. Our team is just like your own employees.

You have Insight of your team's work

We know while having the dedicated resource working for you it is vital to track and monitor the activity to improve productivity and have projects moving in the right direction. Below are some insights you can have while hiring a virtual BIM expert from us. 

Timesheet Submission

Our team maintains a detailed timesheet on the time spent during the working hours to ensure every hour is spent in the right direction and the client has a detailed view of the activity. Timesheets can be submitted weekly, biweekly, or monthly.

Project Planning & Submition Dates

We understand the importance of project planning and submission dates. Our team is well-trained to understand project planning, using all popular project management tools and following the BIM execution plan.

Real time Reports

Our team is dedicated and hardworking. As and when required, we provide software-generated and fully automated detailed activity reports to our clients that can help in improving overall productivity. Our report includes working hours, break time, software/tools usage, URL, start time, end time, etc.

Timesheet 2023
Insight fulltime Tracking

We have a plan fitting you your project requirement

Contract duration fitting to your project

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Pay as you go

In simple words, no commitment just an hourly rate. We understand often you have a minimum hourly requirement or you need one resource or multiple resources to support your in-house team. In some cases, you have no clarity on the duration and volume of work.

Short term Contract

Up to one month. Sometimes due to the tight deadline of the project, you might need quick assistance from BIM experts to meet the deadline or you have a project that requires work of less than 160 hours. This could be the best option for a similar situation.

Medium Term Contract

Two months to six months. Most of our clients are working under this contract with multiple resources. This contract is more suitable for clients who have a project work for two to six months or multiple projects that need assistance for six months.

Long Term Contract

Long-term contracts are for more than 6 months. Generally, these types of contact are done for large projects with multiple resources by clients. Also, like other contract clients can also utilize one resource for multiple projects for the long term.

No Software Cost, No Hardware Cost Just Pay for the resource

Robust IT infrastructure with state of the art delivery centers

  • Up-to-date Software: We have 6 large global offices with state-of-the-art IT infrastructure and all updated software to ensure our architects and engineers deliver the best.
  • High Configuration Hardware:  All our workstations are equipped with high configuration and the latest components to ensure smooth project deliveries.
  • Robust Security:  Our delivery centers are highly secured with multi-level access control and multiple security and privacy protocols to ensure the data remains secure.
  • Autodesk BIM 360: We also work with numerous clients using BIM 360 collaboration so that clients can own the data, work in a live environment, and monitor the project.

Why Us

Subject Matter Expertise

Our team is well-versed in what they do. They are conversant with the local codal provision and understand industry-specific standards.

Working In Your Timezone

Often we see our clients want to be connected to the team they are working with for better and quick communication. Hence we work on your timezone.

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing starting from $12 per hour depending on the project scale, resource type and scope of the projects.

Robust IT Infrastructure

Data-secured FTP, licensed and the latest version of hardware and software toolset ensures error-free designing, modeling, and overall project execution process, diminishing technical glitches.

Training & Development

Arrangement of multiple training and development programs for our engineers to upgrade their software skills and update with the latest technology ensures a premium client experience.


Contract agreements before project kick-off and standard guidelines eliminate miscommunication and ensure a constructive approach toward business relationships.

How Does It Work?

Resource Flow Chart

Pay After 30 days

We Invoice after 30 days of service. No advance payment.

Anything went wrong? We shall replace the resource

You don't need to be worried if you are facing any issue of quality of work with resources. Just let us know and we shall replace the resource within 15 days.

Get your BIM Expert at low as $12.5/Hour

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