Architectural BIM Services

Helping Architects from concept design to construction documentation
Architectural BIM Services

Architectural Building Information Modeling (BIM) services refer to the use of BIM technology to create 3D models, virtual representations, and detailed plans of buildings, structures, and other architectural projects.

Architectural BIM services offer a range of benefits, including improved accuracy and precision in design, increased efficiency in project management, and enhanced collaboration among architects, engineers, contractors, and other stakeholders involved in a project.

Architecture is one of the most critical parts of a building design. Architecture not only adds beauty to a building but also justifies the lives of society, communities, businesses, people, and the overall environment.

Working with Architects to provide concept modeling to construction documentation

Architectural BIM Services by ASC

Comprehensive BIM services to the Architects across the globe

Architectural Modeling Services

Architectural Modeling

We provide highly intelligent architectural 3D model incorporating relevant data that exhibits a clear picture of the exact shape and size of the architectural elements, the material of each component, and coordinates.

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Drafting Details

Architectural Drafting

We have worked with many architects to provide concept design drawings, design development drawings, basic CAD drawings, construction documentation, and Interior drawings from survey notes, 3D BIM models, and hand sketches.

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Chick-fil-A, Kahului

Architectural Rendering

We work with architects to accurately portray architectural photorealistic intent by a lifelike representation of how a room or building will look before it is completed with the help of software such as Lumion, Vray, and Sketchup.

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Revit Family

Content/Family Creation

We have an in-house team of 200 BIM experts working with architects in various countries and helping them create the content/Revit families to standardize their design process and integrate the same with their templates dynamically.

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Advantages of our Architectural BIM Services

We believe in excellence and our efficiency lies in our experience.

The expert architects of ASC providing architectural services to the construction industry since 2014. With our vast experience in international standards and a wide range of architectural services, we are capable of complementing the architectural requirements of the global AEC industry. Our in-house team of architects based in India uses the latest software tools such as Revit, AutoCAD, ArchiCAD, SketchUp, Lumion, 3Ds MAX, etc. to provide various architectural services to the architects, general contractors, specialty contractors, engineers, building developers, and owners. We have worked on numerous architectural projects and that helped us to gain vast experience in complex and parametric Revit family creation. We offer premium architectural services to clients in the USA, India, GCC, Australia, and Singapore. We are capable of preparing models from schematic design drawings and construction documents and providing support in design development.

  • Cloud-based architectural services allow real-time design feasibility checks, quick and easy modifications in the architectural design
  • We prepare error-free and model-linked architectural design that helps in the flawless installation process during the construction phase
  • We generate a data-rich precise architectural BIM model that eliminates constructability issues and aids in building sustainability analysis
  • After the handover, our expert architects use the architectural 3D model for facility management by enriching COBie.

Why Us

Subject Matter Expertise

Our team is well-versed in what they do. They are conversant with the local codal provision and understand industry-specific standards.

Working In Your Timezone

Often we see our clints want to be connected to the team they are workign with for better and quick communication. Hence we work in your timezone .

Competitive Pricing

We offer competitive pricing starting from $16 per hour depending on the project scale, resource type and scope of the projects.

Robust IT Infrastructure

Data secured FTP, licensed and the latest version of hardware and software toolset ensures error-free designing, modeling, and overall project execution process, diminishing technical glitches.

Training & Development

Arrangement of multiple training and development programs for our engineers to upgrade their software skills and update with the latest technology ensures a premium client experience.


Contract agreements before project kick-off and standard guidelines eliminate miscommunication and ensure a constructive approach toward business relationships.

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