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Scan to BIM ServicesScan to BIM Services

Experts in precise scan to BIM modeling

We generally combine models of existing buildings with scan to BIM Revit models of new/renovated areas of a building. Having expertise in various Scan to BIM tools, our team can prepare the models in ArchiCAD, Revit Architecture, and Revit MEP however, the process of getting a model from laser point cloud to Revit and generating a sophisticated detailed BIM model is where our expertise and experience lies. For the Revit BIM services as an input, the raw laser scan survey data a compilation of data from the quick processing of millions of data points is always critical for the process of the scan to BIM services in the USA. However, without BIM modeling expertise it is difficult to create a point cloud for a BIM model that can be used by the entire design chain. Whether using the laser scan data along with an indoor viewer for images or another scan to BIM software, we use a variety of specialist scan to BIM software tools for creating accurate architectural and MEP BIM models that truly reflect the current as-built condition of the building/plant for our point cloud to BIM services.

Point cloud to BIM Modeling Services

Scan to BIM is the process of converting point cloud data into an intelligent real-time 3D model. The point cloud data of an existing building environment is used to generate data-rich 3D BIM models by utilizing several Scan to BIM software toolsets. The detailed 3D laser scanned data in the form of millions of data points, i.e., the point cloud is utilized for designing, retrofitting, repairing, and renovation. ASC provides an efficient and cost-effective scan to BIM services. Our in-house experienced and qualified BIM modelers leverage various BIM tools to convert laser-scanned point cloud data into a detailed 3D BIM model. We have developed an in-house scan for the BIM team and delivered numerous scans to BIM jobs across the globe. We are the point cloud to BIM services providing company to the construction industry in India, the USA, UK, Europe, and Australia. Our services include 3D BIM modeling from LOD 200 to LOD 400 as per the project specifications and scanning to BIM standards.

Scan to BIM Services

Point cloud to Revit Modeling

We are capable of producing high quality Revit BIM models from point cloud data. Dependign on the client requirement we produce the LOD 100 to LOD 500 model. We have worked on numerous projects including residential, commercial, industrical and infrastructure.

Point Cloud to Archicad Modeling

We have inhouse team of Archicad workign on pointcloud to Archicad modeling projects. We have completed numberous scan to archicad projects globally. The workflow include robust quality control process to ensure high quality delivery.

Point Cloud to As-Built Drawings

As built drawings are the representation of the existing condition of the building on paper with annotation and tagging. After makign the 3D model our team use the same model to extract the as-built drawings with accurate dimensions and markings.

Scan to BIM & COBie

We create the BIM models and attach the asset management and facility management data to them. We create the LOD 500 scan to BIM model along with COBie data so that the same model can be used to manage the facility or the asset.

Advantages of our Scan to BIM Services

  • Scan to BIM modeling services by ASC is the most accurate and efficient way to develop an as-built BIM model from an existing building that is used for further renovation and facility operation management of the project such as residential, commercial, infrastructural, heritage buildings, etc.
  • Since point cloud to BIM captures as-built accurate data, it helps to decide on the unwanted structures of an existing building environment.
  • Point cloud 3D models help generate 3D virtual assets and are used further for feasibility studies and clash detection with upcoming elements. These are utilized to run the construction simulation.
  • The scan to Revit 3D model helps construction companies to have access to the digital 3D model and modify the same as per the project needs on a real-time basis.
  • Extensive knowledge and expertise in licensed and updated scan to BIM software like ArchiCAD, Revit, ReCap, AutoCAD, etc. ensures quality assured precise BIM modeling services and support.
Scan to BIM layout

Our Samples

Scan to BIM ServicesScan to BIM Services
Scan to BIM LayoutScan to BIM Services layout
Scan to BIM Services LayoutScan to BIM Services Layout
Architectural BIM ModellingBIM Model
Scan to BIM ServicesScan to BIM Services
Point cloud ModellingScan to revit

Our Projects

We believe in excellence and pay high attention to the quality of the deliverables

Opera House (1)

Opera House - Oslo

The Opera house is situated in Norway having an area of approx. 47000 square meters ( 500000 square feet. The client approached us for the detailed BIM scan to BIM model creation from the point cloud. Our team completed the Job in l30 days.
Auglendsmyra -1


This commercial building was having an area of approx. 400000 square feet (Approx. 37000 square meters). We have completed the LOD 300 3D BIM model from point cloud data in less than 20 days. The building is situated in Europe.
Dalane School -1


We have worked on numerous educational projects. The area of the school was approx. 300000 ( Approx. 28000 square meters). The scope of the project was to create the LOD 400 BIM model using point cloud and the as-built drawings.

Mixed Use

This project is located in Europe and we have worked closely with our client to complete the digital twin of this project. The requirement was to create the BIM model along with the as-built drawings. The area of the project was 350000 square feet.
Kalana Garden-2


This property is located in the USA. Our client was a surveyor and they completed the scanning of the building for the purpose of renovation. We have created the 3D BIM model from the supplied point cloud data and followed the client's QA/QC process.
Marske Hall -2


We are experts in creating complex objects in Revit using models in place and Revit families. This project required a lot of complex modeling of heritage buildings including the tower and clock. The 3D BIM model was generated with an accuracy of 20-30 mm tolerance.


Scan to BIM is the process of converting 3D laser scan data into a digital model. The digital representation of point cloud data is utilized for asset management, retrofit, design, evaluation, etc.

Typically, our clients send us data in multiple point cloud formats such as .pts, .ptx, .ptg, .las .rcs/RCP, .pod etc. As a point cloud modeling company, we have software technologies and in-house expertise to process and register any industry point cloud file.

It is helpful in multiple ways. As a point cloud modeling service provider company, we generate the 3D model for our clients that help them with clash detection, asset management, asset digitization, 2D documentation, renovation, etc.

There are multiple ways that we can help you. You may reach us by dialing +1 (407) 733 0839 and we will set us a quick meeting to get details about your project for estimation, you can email us at or, simply fill out the contact form and share your project information we would happy to help you.

Yes, scan to Revit services & Scan to ArchiCAD services both are our expertise

Being the leading scan to BIM services provider based in India our expert BIM modelers are capable of efficiently using several CAD and BIM software such as Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, ReCAP Pro, Plant 3D, ArchiCAD, BIM 360, etc. to deliver the project timely at a cost-efficient price.

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