MEP Coordination Services

A strong team of BIM coordinators solving clashes with value engineering

Our engineers and designers are experts in MEP BIM coordination. We have worked on numerous projects across the world for the MEP and overall BIM coordination services. Often, our clients already have the BIM models and it is required to coordinate the specific services with the overall services and other disciplines such as BIM architectural model and structural model. We have in-depth knowledge and experience working on such a project. We understand the importance of BIM MEP coordination and a clash-free model. Owing to years of experience we have, we understand the effective clash resolution procedure and we ensure the model is 100% clash free before the generation of shop drawings.

MEP Coordination & Clash Detection Services

MEP Clash detection and resolution by coordinating internal systems like plumbing, fire protection, HVAC duct, electrical, mechanical, and plumbing along with the other trades like structure and architecture is the process of BIM coordination. Our experienced and qualified team provides professional services to our clients for the identification and resolution of design glitches in BIM models. Our MEP clash detection and BIM coordination services in India help our clients to identify clashes effectively, inspect them, and document the clashes in a 3D BIM model collaboratively in a Common Data Environment (CDE).

MEP Coordination Services
Helping Architects globally from concept to construction documentation

Revit MEP Coordination Services Provider by ASC


Clash detection and BIM coordination of Mechanical and HVAC systems

Minutely identifying and resolving interdisciplinary clashes within mechanical and HVAC systems & components and intradisciplinary clashes with other trades by coordinating overall BIM elements.

Clash detection and BIM coordination of Plumbing System

Identifying, reporting, and resolving design glitches within plumbing systems including smaller ducts & pipes, and with other trades like Mechanical, Electrical, HVAC, FPS, Architecture, and structure to generate a well-coordinated BIM model.

Clash detection and BIM coordination of Electrical System

Utilizing various BIM software like Navisworks experienced and professional electrical engineers generate clash-free, well-coordinated, and optimized BIM models eliminating constructability issues.

Clash detection and BIM coordination of Fire Protection System

Analyze and identify clashes, routes, and possible issues that may occur in the field while installing FPS and resolving those glitched through BIM coordination.

Advantages of our MEP Drafting services

  • Our interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary clash detection and resolution services not only include the final estimated location of BIM elements but also collaborate with project management data and create effective construction sequencing, logistics movements, and material lead time.
  • With the help of our services, the clashes are identified and resolved in the documentation stage instead of on-site during construction which mitigates the chances of expensive and risky design changes during the construction process.
  • Our MEP clash detection and coordination services help understand all the MEP elements in a virtual 3D environment and enable better-informed decisions for space management.
  • The MEP BIM models are coordinated before the construction in a single cloud-based digital platform hence it accelerates site work, enhances field collaboration, and automates the process of 2D & 3D construction documentation.
: MEP Coordination Services
MEP Coordination Services

Our Sample MEP Drawings

Our drawings are the byproduct of coordinated MEP BIM models. We ensure zero clashes followed by the shop drawings, fabrication drawings, and spool drawings production.

MEP Coordination Services

HVAC Shop Drawings

We are experts in LOD 100 to LOD 500 HVAC coordination and mechanical shop drawing production. Depending on client requirement, we produce drawings with/withour hangers and support.
MEP Coordination Services Project

HVAC Fabrication Drawings

Our in-house team of experts produces accurate HVAC fabrication drawings that can be used in the shop for the fabrication of HVAC ducts. We use various software for the HVAC fabrication drawings.
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HVAC Spool Drawings

Often our client required the HVAC spool drawings to be able to create a spool in the shop and ship the assembly to the site. We use software such as Trimble sysque, Evolve, and Autodesk fabrication suite.
MEP Coordination Services

Plumbing Shop Drawing

We have a team of plumbing coordinators who are experts in coordinating sanitary and water supply pipes and producing high-quality shop drawings from the clash-free model.
MEP Coordination Services

Plumbing Spool Drawings

We use specialized spooling software to produce the plumbing spool drawings. We create each part from an industry-specific library and the BOM for the pipes, fittings, and hangers/supports are generated.
MEP Co-ordination Services

Electrical Shop/Prefab Drawings

We are working with some of the largest electrical contractors in the world. We are experts in electrical BIM coordination, electrical shop, and electrical prefab/spool drawings.


MEP BIM Coordination is the sophisticated process of coordinating all the building components of mechanical, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and fire protection system with other disciplines such as architectural and structural systems by eliminating constructability issues such as clashes, clearance issues, design issues, etc.

Being the global MEP BIM services provider ASC Technology Solutions provides a wide range of MEP Services such as:
MEP 3D Modeling Services

  • MEP Clash Detection and BIM Coordination Services
  • Mechanical BIM Services
  • Electrical BIM Services
  • Plumbing BIM Services
  • Piping Spool Drawings
  • MEP Prefabrication or, Shop Drawing Services
  • Scan to BIM services

MEP BIM coordination is the responsibility of the MEP design consultant, Coordination consultants, General Contractors, or, HVAC contractors.

BIM clashes are defined as three types: Hard Clash, Soft Clashes, and Workflow or, 4D clashes. Being experienced MEP BIM services providing company we are capable of detecting all these clashes to optimize MEP BIM models.

ASC Technology Solutions is an MEP BIM services provider based in India that provides a wide range of MEP coordination and clash detection services. Our services help the construction industry across the world to identify the interdisciplinary and intradisciplinary clashes and provide their resolution in order to make an informed decision long before actual construction. Over the years we gained expertise in providing optimized well-coordinated MEP BIM models utilizing the latest version of MEP BIM software and technical knowledge.

Being the global leader of MEP services providers based in India our expert MEP engineers are capable of efficiently using several BIM software such as Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Prefabrication, BIM 360, Trimble Sysque, Total Station, Evolve MEP, etc. and deliver time project at a cost-efficient price.

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