Electrical BIM Services

Helping electrical contractors with constructible electrical BIM services

Being the global electrical BIM services provider to the global construction industry our sole responsibility lies in delivering quality assured on-time project delivery following the industry standard and project specification at a reasonable price. We are familiar with various international codes such as National Electrical Code (NEC), International Building Code (IBC), International Energy Conservation Code (IECC), etc. The varied techniques that we bring to use while remitting electrical BIM services are modeling electrical lighting fixtures, bill of quantity (BOQ) of the electrical equipment, preparing power and lighting circuit drawings, scheduling panel and circuit board, modeling conduits and cable trays according to layout, modeling the fire alarm system, modeling of electrical room, data, power and communication system, electrical BIM modeling of walkthrough design, different electrical system shop drawings and detection and solving of clashes.

Electrical BIM Modeling Services

Over the years of experience, and with the expert team of licensed and qualified electrical engineers ASC Technology Solutions LLC offers a wide range of Electrical BIM Services to the Architecture Engineering and Construction (AEC) industry. We are highly capable of modeling various electrical equipment, cable trays, lighting fixtures, conduits, communication and data transmission devices, fire alarm systems, network routing, etc. The precise electrical BIM models produced by our skilled electrical professionals are quality assured and well coordinated with other disciplinary building elements such as mechanical, plumbing & HVAC systems, architectural, structural, etc. The wide range of customized electrical BIM services is catered to several industries like educational, data center, residential, commercial, aviation, health care, industrial, and hospitals among others.

Electrical BIM Services
Helping Architects globally from concept to construction documentation

Electrical BIM Services Provider by ASC


3D Electrical Model from 2D Drawings

Accurately risk analyzed, clash-free, well-coordinated BIM electrical model supports electrical contractors and consultants to install and assemble electrical components flawlessly.

Constructability Review and Resolution

Identification of constructibility issues such as probable clashes, clearance or, accessibility issues, data mismatch, missing information, etc., and resolution during the designing stage by skilled and expert electrical engineers mitigates high-risk on-site damages.

Electrical Fabrication or, Shop Drawings

Electrical fabrication drawings are detailed visual representations of the location, properties, and installation details of electrical elements that are used by electrical contractors, consultants, or, fabricators.

Electrical Bill of Quantity (BOQ)

The electrical bill of materials (BOM) or, quantity take-offs(QTO) helps electrical contractors to forecast overall costs for the electrical system installation during the bidding stage.

Advantages of our BIM in Electrical Services

  • Our experienced team of electrical engineers and BIM professionals use a wide range of latest version software like Revit, AutoCAD and AutoCAD Fabrication, Navisworks, BIM 360, Trimble Sysque, Total Station, Evolve MEP, etc. for providing designing, BIM modeling, and shop drawing services.
  • The in-house team of exceptionally skilled electrical professionals of ASC Technology Solutions LLC prepares precise and sophisticated BIM Models help to visualize the looks and the functionality of the project during the preconstruction stage. We are highly capable of extracting the quantities and generating the shop drawings from the detailed BIM models.
  • The expert BIM modelers coordinate the electrical model with other building services, such as plumbing and HVAC, architectural, structural, etc. to make it completely clash-free and considered ready for construction use.
  • As we say we believe in excellence and therefore, we have developed an in-house ISO-certified quality management process to provide the best quality services to our clients based in the USA, UK, middle-east, Europe, India, etc. We follow a 3-step Quality Check(QC) process to generate premium electrical BIM models at an affordable price.
MEP Shop Drawings

Our Sample Projects

We believe in excellence and pay high attention to the quality of the deliverables

Electrical BIM services

Electrical BIM Modeling

We have a team of in-house electrical engineers and experts preparing electrical BIM models. Our electrical BIM engineers are well versed in local electrical codes.
Electrical services

Electrical BIM Coordination

Electrical coordination is one of our key strengths. Our electrical BIM coordinators have worked on some of the most complicated projects followed by electrical shop drawings.
Electrical BIM Services New Project

Electrical Prefabrication Drawings

Following the electrical BIM coordination, we prepare the model for the prefab drawings with the help of advanced electrical prefab software.
Electrical BIM Services

Electrical Isometric Drawings

Electrical isometric drawings are representations of three-dimensional electrical objects in a two-dimensional drawings. electrical Isometrics are key deliverables for some of our clients.
Electrical BIM Services

Electrical Shop Drawings

We produce clash-free electrical shop drawings and spool drawings that are being used for the installation on-site by our clients. Our shop drawings are a byproduct of a coordinated and consistent electrical BIM model.
Electrical BIM Services

Electrical Spool Drawings

Electrical spools are the assembly of electrical components that can be prepared at the shop and shipped to the site. We use Evolve Trimble Sysque and Autodesk fabrication suite for the electric spool drawings.


The collaborative process of preparing optimized data-rich 3D models on a digital platform of the electrical system is electrical BIM. The licensed electrical BIM engineers and modelers develop electrical 3D models from point clouds, PDFs, and AutoCAD design files following project specifications and BIM industry standards. These models are developed after resolving various constructability issues such as clashes, accessibility, clearance issue, etc.

Being an experienced electrical services provider to the global AEC industry ASC Technology Solutions provides a wide array of electrical BIM services that includes

  • Electrical Lighting Fixture Modeling
  • Bill of Materials (BOM), Bill of Quantities (BOQ), or, Quantity Take-offs (QTO) of the electrical equipment
  • Preparing power and lighting circuit drawings
  • Scheduling panel and circuit board
  • Modeling the data, power and communication system, fire alarm system,
  • Modeling the conduits and cable trays referring to the layout
  • Walkthrough from electrical 3D models
  • Electrical Room Modeling

The charges of BIM services are dependent on various factors such as:

  • Area square feet
  • Type of project
  • Required Level of Development (LOD)
  • Complicacy of the project
  • Required BIM dimensions
  • Delivery time

However, we are dedicated to providing quality assured premium services at a cost-effective price. Give us a quick call at +1 (407) 733 0839 or, email us at info@localhost:8081/asctechno to discuss further.

Being the leading electrical BIM services provider based in India our expert electrical engineers and modelers are capable of efficiently using several BIM software such as Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Prefabrication, BIM 360, Trimble Sysque, Total Station, Evolve MEP, etc. to deliver the project timely at a cost-efficient price.

An experienced MEP BIM service provider like ASC Technology Solutions already has a team of experienced and professional MEP engineers and BIM modelers who are capable of providing quality assured MEP 3D modeling services within schedule at reasonable pricing to the MEP contractors. As an MEP BIM modeling services providing company, we are already serving the AEC industry over the years with our remarkable BIM knowledge and using updated and licensed software. Therefore, outsourcing your BIM requirement to us you need to focus on designing approval parts only the rest will be taken care of.

Whether you are a general contractor, an electrical contractor, or, a consultant you may email us your project for estimation at info@localhost:8081/asctechno, you may simply fill the contact form with project details or, call us at +1 (407) 733 0839 for a quick meeting.

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