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Experts in HVAC & mechanical piping from design to installation

Our BIM models for Mechanical services are well-coordinated with other trades like architecture, structure, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, and Fire protection to ensure that no intervention occurs. We furnish clash-free models based on the entire design. Along with this model, we also give accurate information about the building’s mechanical design which is based on Design Drawings. While helping clients with our HVAC BIM outsourcing services, we model Mechanical BIM from varied inputs like CAD, PDF, or the Design IFC files based on the specifications and required standards.

Mechanical BIM Services

ASC offers Mechanical BIM services to countries like India, Australia, the USA, Europe, and UAE with a client base of MEP contractors, consultants, and fabricators. We offer mechanical BIM modeling services and mechanical BIM coordination services for sectors such as commercial, industrial, residential, plants, healthcare, and educational institutions to name a few. Our services adhere to international industrial standards like that of IEEE, ASHRAE, NFPA, and SMACNA, which is of the highest possible virtue.

For achieving client expectations in every possible way and confirming steadiness in workflows, modeling, geometry, scheduling, and detailing work we follow international quality standards along with MEP practices and codes that are used in different locations worldwide for mechanical BIM services.

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Installation & Shop Drawings

The shop drawings are churned from the BIM model, which then supplies the necessary details used to fabricate & Install the services by duct fabricators, general contractors, and at times by the contractors for installations needed on-site.

Drawings for Block Out

Builders' work also called the block out drawings is granted with detailed elevations and dimensions. After the equipment and ducts are aligned with the architectural grids we bring about the block-out drawings.

Quantity Take-Off (QTO) or, Bill of Materials (BOM)

One sure gain of employing BIM is extracting quantity information, as the overall quantity schedule is forged by the software itself and so if one makes any changes in the model, they automatically get reflected in the Quantity Take-off (QTO).

Mechanical Room Modeling

For boosting more transparency about on-site installations, detailed BIM models for Mechanical rooms are prepared. We model mechanical equipment, valves, pipe accessories, duct/pipes, and equipment pads along with a detailed clearance area.

Advantages of our Mechanical BIM Outsourcing services

  • Over the years experienced, professional, and licensed mechanical engineers provide mechanical BIM services with the highest level of accuracy, following industry standards and project specifications.
  • Our services are customer-centric therefore we pay full attention to every detail and comment we receive and try to incorporate them into the Mechanical BIM models. We minutely study input documents and prepare RFIs along with suggestions to resolve issues for any missing information, inappropriate detailing, or, design errors.
  • The Mechanical BIM models are coordinated before the construction process in a single cloud-based digital platform hence it accelerates site work, enhances field collaboration, and automates the process of 2D & 3D construction documentation.

Our Sample Projects

We believe in excellence and pay high attention to the quality of the deliverables

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Mechanical Room

We understand the complexity and importance of the Mechanical room or boiler room. Our team of experts creates a detailed BIM model of the mechanical room containing various equipment that helps control the building environment.
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Air Handling Unit (AHU)

AHU is installed generally on the roof or isolated space in the building and supplies air to the entire building. OUR HVAC Modelers are well versed with AHU modeling and coordination followed by shop drawings for all type of building.
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Mechanical/HVAC BIM

We have worked on numerous projects for HVAC/ Mechanical piping modeling, coordination, shop drawings, fabrication drawings, and spool drawing production. We have a team of experts who understand international standards.
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HVAC Shop Drawing

We produce high quality and accurate HVAC shop drawings with annotation and taggind including information such as BOD ( bottom of duct). The distance form column and/or wall for the installation of duct at the construction site.
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HVAC Isometric drawig

We prepare detailed HVAC isometric drawings for the HVAC contractors from the high quality Revit models. Our Isometric drawings include the bill of material plan and the section views of specific such as air handling unit.
Mechanical BIM Services

HVAC Spool drawings

We have highly experienced team of experts workign on the mechanical spool and fabrication drawings. We use software such as evolve and trimble sysque to prepare and automate the spool drawings with bill of material.


The sophisticated collaborative process of preparing optimized data-rich 3D models on a digital platform of the mechanical and HVAC system is mechanical BIM. The licensed mechanical BIM engineers and modelers develop mechanical and HVAC duct 3D models from point clouds, PDFs, and AutoCAD design files following project specifications and BIM industry standards. These models are developed after resolving various constructability issues such as clashes, accessibility, clearance issue, etc.

  1. Being an experienced mechanical services provider to the global AEC industry ASC Technology Solutions provides a wide array of mechanical BIM services that includes
  • HVAC & Mechanical BIM coordination
  • Drawings of duct layout
  • HVAC & mechanical BIM modeling
  • HVAC Fabrication & Shop Drawings
  • Calculations on Heat gain and loss
  • Schematic designs and selection of cooling and heating equipment
  • Detailing & modeling of mechanical elements
  • Rendered images and walkthrough of mechanical and HVAC BIM models
  • Mechanical piping shop drawings
  • Bills of Quantities (BOQs) of mechanical equipment, grills, ducts, diffusers, duct fittings, etc.

The charges of BIM services are dependent on various factors such as:

  • Area square feet
  • Type of project
  • Required Level of Development (LOD)
  • Complicacy of the project
  • Required BIM dimensions
  • Delivery time

However, we are dedicated to providing quality assured premium services at a cost-effective price. Give us a quick call at +1 (407) 733 0839 or, email us at info@localhost:8081/asctechno to discuss further.

Being the leading MEP BIM services provider based in India our expert electrical engineers and modelers are capable of efficiently using several BIM software such as Autodesk Revit, Navisworks, AutoCAD, AutoCAD Prefabrication, BIM 360, Microstation, Trimble Sysque, Total Station, Evolve MEP, etc. to deliver the project timely at a cost-efficient price.

There are multiple ways that we can help you. You may reach us by dialing +1 (407) 733 0839 and we will set us a quick meeting to get details about your project for estimation, you can email us at info@localhost:8081/asctechno or, simply fill out the contact form and share your project information we would happy to help you.

An experienced MEP BIM service provider like ASC Technology Solutions already has a team of experienced and professional MEP engineers and BIM modelers who are capable of providing quality assured mechanical 3D modeling services within schedule at reasonable pricing to the mechanical contractors or, consultants. As an MEP BIM modeling services providing company, we are already serving the AEC industry over the years with our remarkable BIM knowledge and using updated and licensed software. Therefore, outsourcing your BIM requirement to us you need to focus on designing approval parts only the rest will be taken care of.

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