316 Jefferson WWTF

316 Jefferson WWTF at City of Jefferson, Iowa, USA is the wastewater treatment facility for the city of Jefferson, Iowa. It is located at 316 Jefferson Street, Jefferson, IA 50129.

The wastewater treatment facility is responsible for treating the wastewater generated by the city’s residents and businesses. The wastewater treatment process removes pollutants from the wastewater so that it can be safely discharged back into the environment.

316 Jefferson WWTF

Project details

Project Location: Jefferson, IA, USA

Sector: Waste Water Treatment

Discipline/Trade: Architecture

Scope of Work: Process pipe modeling, coordination, shop drawing, Hanger, Prefab conversion, Spool, As built for existing

Level of Development (LOD): LOD 450

Software Used: Revit, Navisworks

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