Structural BIM Services

Helping structural designers and consultants for BIM modeling, quantity estimation and shop drawings.
Structural BIM Modeling

Helping structural designers and consultants with BIM modeling, quantity estimation, and shop drawings.

We are a leading structural BIM outsourcing company for many customers across the world. ASC has provided structural BIM services to various sectors. Our 3D structural BIM services are provided by an experienced and talented group of engineers with the help of the latest structural BIM software tools and our world-class infrastructure. ASC, a structural BIM services provider helps the client from structural design and analysis to the structural documentation stage to deliver high-quality construction models, structural drawings, and quantities. We have an in-house team of structural engineers and draughtsmen who have vast experience in structural engineering, modeling, and structural detailing services. Over the years, our team has developed in-house processes and standards for structural 3D modeling services. Our team understands international structural design codes, structural BIM standards, and practices. As a renowned structural BIM outsourcing company, we offer structural BIM modeling services and our team invest enough time to understand the client specifications, standards, and requirement to ensure the quality and expected project deliverables on time.

Helping concrete and steel consultants with constructible BIM services

Our Structural BIM Processes

Comprehensive design-built and BIM modeling services to the Structural contractors

We understand that structural design and analysis are very important during the overall design process of the building. The strength of the building is the first and utmost important factor that should be kept in mind. However, the structural components should be designed in such a manner they are appropriate to the overall aesthetic and architectural design of the building. Our structural BIM modeling processes not only include the development of a model but also include effective and seamless collaboration with structural designing software. The Revit structural BIM model also includes the Revit analytical model which is made up of nodes, lines, and supports. Some models also have eccentricity to ensure complete design conditions. In the case of concrete models, the components are detailed with complete information such as a singly reinforcement beam, or double reinforcement beam. Singly reinforced beams carry the reinforcement at the bottom of the beam. However, the double reinforced beam has the main rebars at the top and the bottom. In the same way two-way slabs and their reinforcement. We ensure the BIM model has structural properties such as boundary condition, support condition, live load, dead load, seismic load, etc. Further, the structural BIM model fits the overall MEP BIM model and architectural BIM model to be able to coordinate the project and report issues if any.

PEB BIM services (pre-engineered building BIM services)

ASC is also an expert in modeling and developing the structural shop drawings for the PEB (pre-engineered buildings). PEB is not made up of regular steel sections such as steel I sections, steel angles, steel channels, etc. The pre-engineered buildings are made of customized or built-up sections. The built-up sections are made by cutting the steel plates with a specific dimension and welding them together to create the columns and beams. As a part of our PEB BIM services, we offer the development of PEB BIM models along with detailed structural fabrication drawings and quantity takeoffs.​

Structural BIM Quality Control

We believe in excellence and our efficiency lies in our experience.

We follow strict in-house processes and quality control processes in which our quality checkers review the structural BIM model at specific intervals keeping design and constructability in mind. Post-completion of the modeling, the model can be used for coordination. In the entire process, structural detailers, structural BIM engineers, and structural BIM modelers work together to complete the process. As a structural BIM services provider, we understand BIM structural modeling plays a vital role in the overall building construction process and even after the construction of facility management. It is important to develop an accurate and detailed family for the required elements and accurately detail/represent the elements during the construction modeling stage. Understanding the same, we ensure our 3D structural BIM modeling services are accurate and on time.​

We develop the structural 3D BIM model that includes the exact shape and size of the elements such as columns, beams, footing, floor, etc. We develop the model with a specific load and boundary condition of the structural model such that it can be used for structural analysis and design. Our structural model includes detailed 3D rebar modeling that includes the specific shape and size of the rebar, rebar shape code, hook length, hook bending radius, etc. The model can also be used to extract an accurate bar bending schedule. The steel structural model includes all the details such as the specific section, connection details, etc. The steel structural model is prepared in such a way, that the structural shop drawings and the bill of material can be extracted as a by-product of the model.

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Data secured FTP, licensed and the latest version of hardware and software toolset ensures error-free designing, modeling, and overall project execution process, diminishing technical glitches.

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Arrangement of multiple training and development programs for our engineers to upgrade their software skills and update with the latest technology ensures a premium client experience.


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